Cakes and candy treats filled the tables of this Caledonian Road cafe-turned-event space as we supped cocktails while getting to grips with a crate of mismatched Lego bricks.

Why? One of a kind Drink, Shop and Do was celebrating its fifth birthday and our mission was to build a super-power wielding robot from the shiny, plastic blocks.

While cocktails might not be the most obvious creative companion, the venue’s celebratory lychee, vodka and chili tipple worked wonders in sparking ideas.

But a few glasses of the pink stuff prompted clumsiness and the ultimate collapse of R Kelly – our multi-coloured block man who believed he could fly.

His demise didn’t tarnish the pleasure of being a kid with an adult alcohol allowance.

Re-visiting the childhood pastime is just one of the activities offered at the cafe which will soon host Beyonce dance classes, brownie-filled afternoon teas and Stallion Pinata making sessions.

And the thing that really made the 30-minute journey from Canary Wharf worth it was the bubblegum pop song bingo.

A glittery coated host, decked out as The Statute Of Liberty, offered prizes from blow-up bananas to fluffy pom poms (claimed by yours truly).

The only thing that proved a distraction was the release of gin-filled bubbles.

In addition to the main attraction, the downstairs bar and dance floor was a worthy excuse to continue the party late into the night.