Firezza’s representative contacted us on the morning of Tuesday, November 22, asking if we’d take part in a vote on its two Christmas toppings, launched the day before. Free delivery in the hope of column inches.

Until December 31, diners would vote with their wallets, choosing between traditional pizza Natale with brie, mozzarella, cream, chestnuts, cranberry sauce and basil leaves and “revolutionary” pizza Tutta Buffala with buffalo salami, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves.

It was unclear how the latter was especially festive, but we figured we’d find out. Perhaps the buffalo, unfairly written out of the nativity, was due a renaissance.

We were told both cost £10.95 when ordering online and the one that sold the most before 2017 would be kept on the chain’s menu.

Simple enough; lunch sorted. But then it went wrong.

First, despite both already being on sale to the public we were told our journalist pizzas needed 24 hours’ notice to deliver.

Grumbling that we could have just picked up the phone to the Isle Of Dogs branch, we dutifully ordered for the following day, mouths watering.

Then another email arrived. Our order would have to wait until Friday, December 2, a full 12 days after launch. That was long enough for a song at this time of year.

Why? To make sure the pizzas “delivered on taste”. Such confidence.

Biting the bullet (in the absence of a juicy crust), we waited.

Finally the anointed day rolled around. At lunchtime the phone rang. It was Firezza ’s local branch saying it had run out of buffalo salami. Obviously we hadn’t given then enough notice.

Emails flew back and forth until 2.40pm when two pizzas arrived.

They were big, they were filling, but I’m afraid to we still couldn’t tell you which Christmas topping was better.

Like its expulsion from the stable 2,016 years ago, the buffalo played no part in our story. It had been substituted for a spicy chicken staple, which while tasty hardly informed the debate.

So now we’re left awaiting the outcome of the vote proper. With one topping apparently undeliverable with 12 days’ notice, it seems unlikely the Tutta Buffala will herald a fresh dawn for the forgotten Biblical beast at this or any other time of year.

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