A new delivery service that brings dishes from restaurants around Canary Wharf to your desk in just over half an hour from ordering has launched.

Deliveroo has places like Amerigo Vespucci, The Dock Seafood Restaurant, Sri Nam and Yokoso signed up – all of which offer a full menu.

Deliveroo’s director of marketing and corporate relations Leonard Picardo said: “The problem that we’ve tried to solve is getting high quality restaurants available for delivery.

Deliveroo on your mobile phone

“Restaurants are busy focussing on producing their products to the best possible standard, so they don’t have the time to deal with the logistics side of a delivery service, which is where we come in. I used to work in management consultancy and would find I didn’t have the time to go out to get anything at times.

“But the quality of the delivery options was not great, so I think this service has been needed for a while.

“We get food to your desk within 32 minutes of placing the order – but if a place is really busy they can change the timings or take themselves off the platform to ensure the best possible service.

One of the dishes available for delivery from Deliveroo

“We can do large orders for corporates as well, and we can carry up to about £300-400 worth of food.

“We think this side will be popular within Canary Wharf and we’re really excited to see how it all goes.”

Go to deliveroo.co.uk.