Change is in the air. It’s 2017 and regular customers at Crussh’s Canada Place branch are in for a shock.

Not only will all their beloved salads have disappeared, replaced by a fresh selection, the whole store has had a makeover boosting floor space, brightness, till capacity (by 50%) and introducing live moss on the walls.

“We’ve got a whole bunch of new products launching on Tuesday, January 3, tons of stuff,” says CEO Shane Kavanagh as we sip Tumeric Tonic’s (£3.50 each), picked by him to help alleviate the effects of festive excess.

“It’s our biggest ever launch. We’ll be replacing all of our salads with super salad boxes, which are designed to be more functional – the Energiser Box (£4.95), for example, gives those who need it a boost of complex carbs.”

So why, in addition to putting 35 new products on the menu on January 3, did the Wharf store need a revamp?

The revamped Crussh store in Canada Place offers more floor space for customers

Shane says: “The idea was, if you closed your eyes before and opened them it wasn’t really obvious what Crussh a juice bar filled with natural, healthy things to eat and drink.

“Weve done a lot to try and bring the life and vitality of the place to the fore, introducing a lot of copper and elevating the fruit and veg so customers can see clearly what they’re getting.

“We’ve also tried to make the space easier to work in to allow us to get the food and drink out to people more quickly.”

In addition the 37-year-old Irishman, who joined Crussh in April 2016 from food and drink chain Benugo, says making a visit to the store more relaxed is key.

“It was always really frustrating coming to this branch in the past,” he says. “We might have really great stuff, but if you’re in Canary Wharf, it’s busy and it’s stressful it’s no good.

“The question was how can we make it quicker and easier for people? If the changes here are a success we’ll look at rolling them out across our other branches over the year.”

Trends for 2017

Indulge in a Tumeric Tonic at Crussh and you'll be so on-trend for 2017

Shane gave us the trends his business is hoping to capitalise on this year.

■ Get pressed

“We’re launching a range of cold press juices,” says Shane. “Our sweet greens juice (£4) contains cucumber, apple, spinach, lemon and ginger and is raw and organic.”

■ Tumeric time

“This is everywhere,” says Shane. “Try a Tumeric Tonic (£3.50, pictured) with ginger and pear. It’ll undo all the bad things.”

■ Feel better

Our Vitamin D Blues Beater (£3.80) is designed to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder,” says Shane. “It has fermented kefir in it, which will also be a trend this year.”

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