Your Christmas shopping basket could be £5 cheaper than last year due to the falling cost of turkey, veg and Champagne.

The Office for National Statistics has calculated the cost of a Christmas dinner, based on information from its inflation basket of goods, and found that all the ingredients for a great spread would set you back £100.84, as of November.

This is £4.94 cheaper than £105.78 in November 2014, although prices are 9% higher than £92.43 in November 2010.

The cost of turkey steaks – the ONS doesn’t monitor the cost of whole turkeys – is down 8.1% compared to 2014, at £8.72 per kg, while the cost of fresh chicken was down 7.2% from £3.32 per kg to £3.08.

Vegetable side dishes are also cheaper than last year, with carrots down 11.4% in a year to 70p per kg, cheaper than in 2014, 2010 and 2008. Broccoli is the biggest faller, down 17.5 to £1.56 per kg, again cheaper than in 2014, 2010 and 2008.

Cost of Christmas Dinner


Bill for all your traditional favourites

Office of National Statistics

New potatoes are down 5.1% to 1.48 per kg, while other potatoes have seen a smaller fall by 1.3% to 78p per kg. Cauliflower has seen no movement in price, sticking at 92p per kg.

Pigs in blankets are also cheaper this year, with back bacon down 10.9% from £9.18 per kg in November 2014 to £8.18 in November 2015, while sausages are down 2.7% to £4.66 per kg.

A nice tipple to go with your meal will also set you back less than last year, with Champagne seeing the biggest fall, with a bottle now costing £28.85, down 6.1% from £30.74 in 2014.

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A bottle of old world red now costs £6.18, down 3.9% from £6.43, while new world white is down 2.4% to £6.64. A bottle of sherry or port is now down to £8.23 a bottle from £8.48.

If you pick cheese and crackers to finish, you can enjoy some more savings, with regional hard cheese down 3.6% to £7.19 per kg, while the accompanying cream crackers have fallen 12.1% to 87p a pack.

However, sweet treats will set you back more than last year, with a whole sponge cake up by half from 95p to £1.43, and ice cream up from 2.5% to £2.48 a tub.

A box of chocolates now costs £4.49, up 4.2% from £4.31 last year, while ground coffee is now 2.1% more expensive at £2.86.

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