Just how do you tell the tale of the Tower Hamlets borough?

With three shots of different rum, a splash of rosemary infused honey and an all-spice liquor, shaken up with citrus fruits. That’s how.

Manager at The Savoy’s American Bar Declan McGurk and head bartender Erik Lorincz have collaborated to put east London under the spirit spotlight to create cocktail Daily Tot.

His latest tipple is part of The London Menu, whipped up to represent the history and heritage of the six boroughs which surround the swish central London venue.

Each has four drinks to represent cultural, social, musical and literary history in a smooth, drinkable form.

He chose a blend of Bacardi Superior and Smith and Cross - an authentic Royal Navy style rum - to reflect the Isle of Dog’s key role in managing the run and sugar industries during the 19th Century.

The measurements also tap into the history of Navy rations of grog in the East End, measurements introduced into the Navy by British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon in 1740.

Declan said: “When coming up with the concept, we wanted to do a menu that very much celebrated London as a city.

“In doing so we felt it would fit perfectly with the American Bar’s tradition of storytelling through cocktails.”

Other featured areas of the capital translated into cocktail creations include Westminster, Hackney, Isington and Camden.

The London Menu will launch on Monday, 18 January, 2016.

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