Canary Wharf worker Emilie Holmes has opened the doors to The Good And Proper Tea Co , a Shoreditch cafe pairing varieties of tea with crumpets slathered with toppings such as smashed avocado, Nutella or Marmite.

The former advertising executive at Ogilvy and Mather first launched her Kickstarter-funded firm in 2012 from a vintage van, hoping to convert the East End espresso addicts.

“Although I can appreciate a good cup of coffee, I want a cup of tea on my way to work,” said Emilie.

“London’s coffee culture is really exciting – there are amazing baristas out there all geared up to prepare your perfect cup of coffee – but I couldn’t understand why tea had missed a trick. I wanted to give the good old cup of tea a bit of love and make it a good and proper one, finally.”

After trading in her Canary Wharf career the 27-year-old went on a mission to taste tea at farms across the globe.

The majority of tea sourced in the UK is classified as low-grade, black tea, where the product is cut, crushed and torn to produce quick colour and strength.

Emilie sought leaves with a distinctive character that would stand out without the need for any blending or additional flavours.

After her chosen leaves are picked and transported to east London, they will be brewed to precise timings.

The collection of black, oolong, green and white teas will be served up in Japanese cups.

And the tasty treat she thought would make her tea stand out? The rather humble crumpet.

She said: “We didn’t want to serve yet another sandwich or yoghurt pot but instead wanted to match our tea with food that was different.

“Pastries, for example, are delicious, but go best with a coffee, whereas everyone knows the perfect match for a crumpet is a cup of tea.”