If you have a oven in your office congratulations on working somewhere the bosses trust their employees not to burn the place down.

Most of us have to make do with a microwave, which don’t mix well with pies, usually resulting in a soggy bottom.

The Higgidy little butternut squash and feta pie from Waitrose is one of it’s top rated pies and is ready to eat cold so can be gobbled outside in the sunshine.

Plus if you have given up meat for Lent, or for life, it is suitable for vegetarians and flavoured with a creamy bechamel sauce, sautéed onions, mature cheddar cheese, cumin, chilli and nutmeg.

Chomp all 160g of it and you will have consumed 444 calories and 32g of fat.

£2.70 from Waitrose, Canada Place with a 2 for £4 offer available.

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