You have until the end of the month to sample the ‘perfect’ afternoon tea at the London Marriott Hotel West India Quay .

It has teamed up with a credit card provider to serve up the ideal menu as voted for by Brits.

It showed we love crusts on (53%) triangular sandwiches (56%) made with white bread (42%) and butter, with a smoked salmon and cream cheese filling (24%).

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Most of us crave a mug of builder’s tea - strong with milk going in second and two sugars, but a quarter of us now prefer a coffee to a cuppa.

Carrot cake got 11% of the votes to be named the perfect accompaniment, while more than half of Brits love to dunk biscuits (57%) and the chocolate digestive is the must-have biscuit to dunk (19%).

Jammy. Which way do you top yours?

When it comes to the age old Devon/Cornwall dispute, 60% of the public picked cream on top of the jam on a scone. And more than half of us pronounce ‘scone’ rhyming with ‘gone’ rather than ‘phone’.

Angela Pryce, renowned tea expert, said: “Afternoon tea has played an important part of the British daily routine since the 1830s. It originated in the Victorian era as a means to curb the mid-afternoon slump between lunch and dinner, when Britons were most in need of a pick-me-up.

“The way we take tea has evolved over the years and today there are many quirky and exciting ways to enjoy it, whether it’s a champagne tea or a cream tea. It’s great that Barclaycard is commemorating such a long-standing British tradition and settling an age-old debate.”

The new research from Barclaycard, in the run up to its 50th anniversary, shows we spend £63bn a year on afternoon tea.

The eTEAquette menu is available until Thursday, June 30 and is £17.50