The 2014 winner of the Asian Curry Awards and Asian and Oriental Chef of the Year Yuanjing Lin, who will be providing special dim sum dishes such as duck liver sauce dumplings at FestivalAsia, provides his advice.

Mr Lin said his aim is to give the West the best taste of oriental food.

Tips to consider for anyone looking to make authentic tasting oriental dishes at home;

  • Focus on marinating meat, such as adding salt, cornstarch and sauces before cooking, then use a high heat to ensure the food cooks quicker - this retains the nutrients of the food. Steaming food also locks in and enhances its flavour
  • Make good use of all kinds of Chinese sauces to cook with ingredients
  • Heat the wok and oil to the max before you cook fried rice and fried noodles

The must-have pieces of equipment;

  • The kitchen exhaust fan should be really strong
  • The fire should be strong
  • The wok should be deep and large

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