It feels like bar chain Drake And Morgan has been wanting to land on West India Quay for a while.

The Parlour in Park Pavilion has attracted a reliable influx of after work drinkers for years and then in December The Pagination opened at Wren Landing by Cabot Square.

The Bothy in Hertsmere Road makes three and has allowed the company to create a fully fledged terrace, sating its thirst for an Instagram-worthy location.

In its official launch statement it said of the “stunning” riverside spot “We predict phones being grabbed for snaps of the Thames and Canary Wharf’s iconic towers – no filter required”.

A prize for anyone who can actually see the river, but never mind.

Apparently you can view the Thames from here but we're not so sure

And it will need more than views to lure Canary Wharf workers across the footbridge, especially given that the food and drinks menu is identical to the brand’s other two local offerings.

Expect classics such as the Negroni and Old Fashioned in concert with more contemporary creations such as Black Magic (beetroot juice, honey, lime and activated charcoal).

It also has to compete with the neighbouring bars, all of which also offer outdoor terraces.

The firm’s solution is to fill its outside space with vivid citrus-coloured chairs that offer bottom friendly padding not found at many other venues.

The downstairs

This is presumably to encourage customers to wile away the hours surrounded by nature in the form of planters, British blooms and seasonal trees.

Another incentive to stay, even after the sun has set, is an almost psychotic provision of Aran woolies, blankets and hot water bottles.

There is also a dedicated terrace bar serving what is claimed to be the summer’s drink du jour - the frosé, (that’s wine slushie to you and me)- so you don’t even need to set foot inside.

Can you outstare the angry sheep?

Although if you do you will find tables and booths decked with faux fur and a rather angry trio of sheep.

It can only be assumed they are annoyed at being kept penned inside and therefore missing out on featuring on all those social media snaps.

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