Independent ice cream brand Greedy Goat is hoping to serve up an ace in Canary Wharf with flavours inspired by Wimbledon.

The Borough Market-based company will be holding court in Canada Square Park throughout the tennis tournament helping keep the crowds cool at the Summer Screens with it’s low-lactose scoops.

Ingredients in the limited edition range include classic British Earl Grey, trendy matcha, exotic pineapple and, of course, fresh strawberries.

The man who has had the smashing task of taste-testing them all is chief goat herder (yes, that is his real job title) Jim O’Brien.

“When the ice cream is being made it goes into a huge drum that comes up to waist height,” said the 43-year-old.

“I spend too much time standing there with a big tablespoon scooping it into my mouth.

“I’m the Augustus Gloop of the company.”

Jim O'Brien at the stall in Borough Market

The concoctions it has dreamt up for Wimbledon definitely have a slice of Willy Wonka about them.

Mini fondant rackets and tennis balls adorn Game, Set And Matcha, while Murray’s Mint looks like a real patch of Centre Court.

“That was the trickiest part,” said Jim.

“Finding someone to only supply us with green hundreds and thousands.

“Usually they are multi-coloured and people we asked thought we were a bit mad.”

Started six years ago by four friends Greedy Goat is so named as it only uses goats milk in its ice cream.

Jim said the low-lactose and lower fat content made it healthier and easier to digest.

“Sometimes with cows milk ice cream you get an oily finish in your mouth. You wont get that with ours so it is fresher on the palette.”

Jim, who also owns and runs hospitality recruitment firm Change in London Bridge, came on board when some of the founders had to take a step back due to family commitments.

And his ambition is to make it a globally known brand.

“Prior to me joining it as really only in Borough Market but I wanted to push it into retail and start competing with the likes of Haagen Daz and Ben And Jerry’s.”

The business has already grown, with 5,000 pots churned out every day from a farm in Somerset and a larger production kitchen about to open in London Bridge.

It also does corporate events, runs stands with Shoreditch based food market Urban Food Festival and public events such as Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace in August.

Like many businesses it was affected by the terror attack at London Bridge and had to shut down over the heatwave – a blow for its profits.

But Jim is hoping it will be onto a winner with the visit to Canary Wharf . It will bring in 162 litres of ice each day for customers to lick their way through.

The Wimbledon fan said: “We really hope the British contingent remains competing for the duration as that will keep people watching and, hopefully, eating.”

Full list of flavours

Game, Set And Matcha

Game, Set And Matcha

A typically British Earl Grey flavoured ice cream covered in Matcha sauce, garnished with mini fondant rackets and a mini tennis ball, served in a green sprinkled waffle cone.

Murray’s Mint

Murray's Mint

A mint and caramel swirl in honour of Britain’s #1 player, flecked with grass-green hundreds and thousands to represent the lush lawn of Centre Court.

The Champion’s Cup

The Champion's Cup

A tangy pineapple and raspberry ice cream swirl, coated in a glistening edible gold shimmer and topped with real pineapple, just like the trophy itself.

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries And Cream

An homage to a Wimbledon classic, a strawberry and cream whip topped with a swirl of Chantilly and a fresh British strawberry.

Served at The Grand Stand, Canada Square Park, from 11am – 8pm, Monday, July 3– Sunday, July 16 (except Sunday, July 9 when there is no play at Wimbledon)

Prices start at £3.

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