If you are looking for somewhere to blow the diet then the word is absurd. Absurd Bird .

Cream, sugar, cheese and fried meat abound at this east London den of worship to America’s deep south.

It has the look of a hill billy shack but the comfort of a big ‘ole Yank car and when they say their food is a twisted take on the classics they mean it.

We started with what was billed as a ‘smallish plate” of healthy sounding spinach and artichoke dip (£6). It turned out to be an amazing puddle of melted cheese with some green bits in it.

Absurd Bird: cocktails and dip

The chicken is top-notch, we had the unusual and messy smoked garlic Parmesan and lemon wings. It moved to slightly weird when served up as dirty buns (£8) AKA trendy-right-now bao bun. I ended up just eating the chicken and wishing I’d had the guts to order it with waffles, gravy and maple syrup.

Absurd Bird: Dirty buns and sweet potato bake

My (unadventurous) burger-loving friend gave the standard crispy fried variety (£9.80) a solid 8/10. But redeemed himself by ordering easily the most absurd dish of the night on the side- the sweet potato bake topped with marshmallows. It was tooth-achingly sweet but we just couldn’t stop eating.

Absurd Bird: The dipsy dessert. Oh my

When the dipsy (£8) dessert arrived and turned out to be a sugar-soaked sharing bun with buttery sauces we were done in.

All that sugar coupled with the ridiculously good and strong cocktails saw us emerge onto Commercial Street giggling in a slightly crazed fashion. Getting fat is fun.

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