It's Thursday, it's hot. You've knocked off early for a refreshing drink. But you're tired of all the familiar suspects in Canary Wharf.

Fortunately a Portuguese holiday resort has decided to bring what it describes as a "tantalising taste of the Algarve" to Montgomery Square round the back of Canary Wharf Tube station.

The Pine Cliffs Beach Club has officially opened to the public and will be serving chilled drinks Monday-Friday from 11am-11pm until September.

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Drinks on offer include Sagres beer, Moet Ice (sort of like watered-down Champagne), Portuguese wines and a port cocktail from the resort.

All can be enjoyed on a selection of low-slung seating set on rough wooden boards, presumably recalling the decking of a beachside bar.

There's also a chance to win a seven-night holiday for two to the Pine Cliffs Resort, which has just undergone a 50million eruo rennovation, provided you're prepared to part with a business card at the bar.

There's no food on offer and it's likely to be busy post work, but if you're after something fresh to look like you're in the know, this is the place to head for.

There's also likely to be music pumping and it even has on-site toilets.

Besides, there's charity beach volleyball to watch right next door for a couple more days at least.