Get planning, June is upon us and with it a blistering schedule of summer launches and openings stretches out.

Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine near Canary Wharf, heading off the estate on safari to Bethnal Green and the Isle Of Dogs or

We’ve selected the seven openings you need to know about.

1. Local legend

As Canary Wharf’s restaurant scene continues to swell with options some of the micro chain crop are starting to mature.

As for Bill Murray in Lost In Translation, for Roka it’s Suntory Time as the Japanese whisky is misted over the Park Pavilion venue’s foliage strewn terrace.

Open for bookings from Wednesday, June 7, it’s a win this week for anyone seeking to combine the smug sense of getting in first with the soothing calm of a Japanese garden

A celebration of Suntory’s Chita Single Grain Whisky, set to launch in July, visitors can expect a range of specially created cocktails.

2. Inspirational improv

Gold notes: Jazzgir is set to open in June, by which time we may be able to pronounce it

Take heart, steel yourself and brave the South Quay bridge for a stroll to Harbour Exchange.

There (and not as the press release will have you believe, at the “heart of Canary Wharf”) you will find Jazzgir, soft launching from Wednesday, June 14 .

An all-day restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine from head chef Raffaele Biancareddu, it also offers live music from 5pm daily (piano, then a live band from 7pm followed by DJ sets).

Just don’t ask us how to pronounce its name – Zsa Zsa?

3. Lively up yourself

The terrace probably won't look exactly like this, although some of the flavours will be the same

This one’s for the planners who like to be, well, laid back and relaxed. Organised chillin’ with the sounds of Bob Marley.

Boisdale Of Canary Wharf has partnered up with the Jamaican tourist board to theme its terrace this year, which arrives on Monday, July 3.

Running until August 31, the Jamaica Garden Terrace will feature all-day jerk BBQ, cocktails with sponsor Appleton Estate Rum, Red Stripe and live music.

Its launch will even be attended by the Jamaican High Commissioner.

4. Dram fine spirits

Straight serves: The team at Kaleidoscope

If by some terrible quirk of fate you’re beyond the reach of Boisdale’s whisky bar, take heart. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (who sound a great deal of fun don’t they?) opened Kaleidoscope Bar on Friday, June 2.

With a library of 200 single cask whiskies to sample, probably with an exciting catalogue featuring earnest tasting notes, Deveonshire Square may never recover.

Should it endure to the end of 2018 it’ll be minutes from Canary Wharf via Crossrail to Liverpool Street. Serves craft beer and wine too.

5. Bust in glass

Very breast: Apparently there will be special Marie Antoinette-shaped glassware at Coupette

And so to Bethnal Green where Maire Antoinette’s breast has been used as inspiration for the featured glassware at soon to open Coupette .

Former head bartender at The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar Chris Moore has slipped east for this Bethnal Green Road affair that’s conveniently close to a Boots, a McDonalds and a Natwest.

The website just says Calvados, Cidre, Cocktails. And really, what more do you need? Coming Monday, June 19, we understand. It’s about 25 minutes from the Wharf via the 277 bust to Mile End and then the Tube to Bethnal Green.

6. Waste not

Greengage and sodden: Nine Lives creators Allan Gage, Emma Hutchison and Tom Soden

Thanks to the lyrics of AC/DC’s Back In Black soon-to-open Nine Lives in Bermondsey Street near London Bridge is forever linked in our minds to the ocular organs of felines.

In reality it’s a no-waste bar with bamboo straws and roof garden created by drinks consultancy Sweet And Chilli.

The words re-purposed and re-used appear frequently in the publicity, right down to the sound system, which is second-hand from the event industry.

Then there’s the lemons, wrung out completely before the pith is re-distilled for use in liqueurs and soap. Whatever’s left is put into compost.

Sounds exhausting? Fortunately it will serve cocktails to help you forget the tireless work of planet saving. From June 16, barely 10 minutes on the Jubilee from Canary Wharf.

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