Sunshine and chocolate are natural enemies right? Fingers smeared with brown is not a good look. Nevertheless, the warmer months needn’t be a choc-free zone.

We checked in to Hotel Chocolat ’s Canada Place branch in Canary Wharf to find a few seasonally appropriate treats.

1) The Summer Nano Slab Gallery (£10)

Hotel Chocolat: The summer nano slab gallery

These mini works of chocolate art are reported to be from the chef’s sunny period. Let’s just hope they didn’t chop off an ear in the search for the perfect flavours of Neopolitan, lemon and lime, Eton Mess, coconut, raspberry and vanilla, banana and caramel, salted caramel and nutty milk.

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2) Cocktails To Chill (£10)

Hotel Chocolat: Cocktails to chill

Chocolate, good. Booze, good. Meat, not present, thankfully. These grown-up treats are filled with Limoncello, agave tequila, Saint Lucian rum and a twist of real fruit and probably won’t taste like feet. Like real drinks they are best served chilled so pop them in the fridge and then whip them out to impress your barbecue guests.

3) Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream Bombes (£5.50)

Hotel Chocolat: Strawberry ripple ice cream bombes

Your childhood treat has grown up but you don’t have to. Real strawberry and whipping cream goodness are enrobed in white chocolate. Best eaten as a reward for building the biggest sand castle at Beach East.

4) The Chocs-To-Chill H-Box (£12)

Hotel Chocolat: The chocs-to-chill H-box

Hot, heavenly, hard to resist – we’re not sure what the H stands for (maybe the yield of these treats is measures in megatons) but this colourful selection certainly looks and sounds good. Expect flavours of tangy raspberry, fudge sundae, grapefruit gin and tonic and more.

5) Eton Mess 100g Slab Selector (£3.85)

Hotel Chocolat: Eton mess 100g slab selector

Take a punt on this homage to the famous English dessert, which features strawberry-vanilla chocolate, meringue and chocolate biscuit. Possibly the chocolate to eat when contemplating Brexit.

6) White Chocolate And Raspberry Jam (£5)

Hotel Chocolat: White chocolate and raspberry jam

Pile this on your scones to make your summer picnic extra indulgent. You’ll have to be extra vigilant for insects attracted by the double sweetness, however.

7) Smoothies To Chill (£10)

Hotel Chocolat: Smoothies to chill

They sound healthy so the calories don’t count. This fridge friendly box contains treats with real fruit (could be one of your five-a-day) and ganache covered in chocolate. Maybe not so healthy then. Oh well.

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