Gaucho's terrace is the perfect spot for summer drinking - and Wharfers are spoilt for choice with more than 170 Argentinian tipples to sample while the sun sets.

The restaurant has teamed up with South American wineries to create bottles of red and white with snazzy labels and their own stories.

There’s even a one-of-a-kind sparkling white, Septima Dia Y Noche, created by Gaucho’s director of wine Phil Crozier - a deliciously dry Brut three years in the making and released for the season.

We met Gaucho group sommelier Edgar Znutins who was bubbling with excitement over the new additions to Canary Riverside’s menu.

“It’s all about red wine chilled,” he said.

“Last summer we saw a huge demand for the paler style reds and in summer you go south in Argentina, to areas like Patagonia, where it’s much cooler, for brighter, lighter style Malbecs.

“When it’s chilled it’s a bit more fresh, more fruity and more acidity.

“It doesn’t have to be freezing - maybe pop it in the fridge half an hour before.”

Here he gives his five Gaucho recommendations to match the tipples with al fresco events.

1. To drink outside at - A lunchtime meeting with clients

Wine: Seleccion G white wine, from £4 for 125ml glass.

What’s the deal? It uses Torrontes, the only white wine grape born in Argentina, and is a brand made by Gaucho.

Edgar said: “This is an entry level wine - fresh, uncompromising and easy to drink”

We say: This has a rather heavy floral smell yet is deliciously crisp and dry to taste, with a lightness that matches perfectly with Gaucho’s tangy scallop ceviche.

2. To drink outside - With the girls

Wine: Seleccion G Malbec Rose

What’s the deal: The same as the above with regard to the brand, but this is a rose made with a Malbec grape.

Edgar said: “Rose still has a bit of structure if you don’t want to go for a red - and people also mix it with soda to make it fizzy and lively.”

We say: It’s pretty and perfectly pink yet ticks the flavour box courtesy of bursts of zesty summer fruits with every sip, with a delicious tang that’s not too sweet.

3. To drink outside - At your BBQ with friends

Wine: Piedra Cereza, Pinot Noir, £36 per bottle.

What’s the deal? It’s created by Familia Schroeder in Patagonia for the restaurant.

Edgar said: “It’s an all-rounder - it means you don’t have to chose a big, strong expressive red when you want to go for something lighter.”

We say: Scents can be surprisingly deceiving - aromas are similar to a deep, hearty red yet the chilled tipple tastes deliciously zingy, fresh and light so it’s a drink you can comfortably stick with all night long.

4. To drink outside - on a swish date night

Wine: Poligonos Zuccardi, Malbec, £57 bottle.

What’s the deal? The firm made batches in a trio of Argentinian districts - this one was from the town of Vista Flores

Edgar said: “This has more expression, it’s something special.”

We say: Silky smooth, this is a classic red with delicate floral tastes that make an impact on the tastebuds - and the back-story, explained on the beautiful label, makes for a good talking point too.

5. To drink outside - as part of an al fresco afternoon tea

Wine: Amalaya, £3.65 for a 75ml glass

What’s the deal? It’s a sweet wine with grapes grown 1,800 metres above sea level.

Edgar said: “Women in particular love something sweet - when you want something that’s medium sweet, this does the job.”

We say: Absolutely gorgeous - when paired with dulce de leche cheesecake it takes on searingly sweet tones though it perfectly balances a crisp passion fruit dessert with its teeth-tingling delightful taste.

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Group sommelier Edgar Znutins