There are good choices and bad to be made for Secret Cinema's screenings of The Empire Strikes Back, which begin on Thursday, June 4.

Tickets for the shows, which run until September 27, cost £78 and are available here although many dates have already sold out.

Although organisers are urging audience members to go as rebels, that doesn't work for everyone so here are some ideas to spark your imagination.


1. Jabba The Hutt

Not only will everyone treat you with respect you'll be able to flick condescending quips out with your gargantuan tongue in a language that sounds incalculably cool.

Pros: Concubine chaining opportunities

Cons: The person playing your tail will not be able to watch the film and may complain

2. Darth Vader

Bear with us on this one. It might be a rebel base, but there's nothing Vader enjoys more than a good stride round his enemies' hideouts. Just don't stop walking.

Pros: People in front of you at the bar can be swiftly choked to death

Cons: It's tough to swig an overpriced lager in that helmet

3. C3PO

The camp golden boy is surprisingly unobtrusive. This is the perfect watcher's getup as you'll blend into the background of any group while everyone ignores almost everything you say.

Pros: You'll understand everyone as you can communicate in any language

Cons: Getting gold may be tricky – foil?


1. Yoda

While curious sentences, fun may appear; unless three feet tall are you, convince as the Jedi master you will not. On the plus side; a stick to prod others with, you shall have.

Cons: Irritate your friends and alone you shall become

Pros: The power to fling stuff around with the force, will you wield

2. Luke Skywalker

This is too dull. You're nor a Jedi (although neither is Luke, yet) and you'll be competing with a thousand other Hamil wannabes. Stand out from the crowd. Put down the brown robes.

Pros: You find out the secret behind your questionable parentage

Cons: You're not even powerful enough to raise an X-Wing

3. Jar Jar Binks

Don't even think it. You'll be savagely beaten by other audience members and rightly so. You're not in the film – just put that floppy eared mask down and walk away.

Pros: Those beating you to death will enjoy themselves

Cons: Too many to mention

Secret Cinema has also opened a shop to help audience members with their costumes.