We’ve had a Miracle On 34th Street. Now there’s a Miracle On Canary Wharf.

The short Christmas film set in the Docklands estate was written and directed by Richmond filmmaker Bradley Porter, from Mad Eric Films , who wanted to create a happy, feel-good movie about festive goodwill.

The 30-year-old’s eight-minute short features Denis Menochet, known for appearing in the opening scene of Inglorious Basterds with Christoph Waltz.

Sarah Winter from Versailles also stars with music provided by folk singer Fabian Holland.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve with Chloe (Sarah) unhappy after her pregnancy test comes up negative.

Sarah Winter as Chloe

As she walks home through Canary Wharf she encounters a drunk man dressed as Santa (Denis) and the film culminates in the two dancing in Cabot Square to Fabian’s music before discovering her prayers have been answered.

Bradley, who has worked on the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and Rush , said: “The general idea was someone does something nice for someone else and they get rewarded. I wanted to create something that made the lead character the opposite of selfish, greedy and materialistic.”

After filming issues at the original location on the South Bank, Bradley said: “I went to Canary Wharf and I thought it looked like Home Alone 2.

“It’s in London, it’s a bit industrial, it had all the decorations and Cabot Square had the Christmas tree.

Denis Menochet as Santa

“It was quite a difficult place to film because it was really windy and we had to re-record a lot of the audio. I would have loved to have the music live but it just wasn’t possible.”

Despite these issues, Bradley was pleased with the end result: “It is hard to comment on your own stuff because you know what you did and didn’t do and all the compromises you had to make. But I really like it a lot.”

And the filmmaker was happy with the Christmas message it puts across: “Christmas is about being with people you like and having fun,” he said. “I think sometimes to bring the Christmas miracle around, you need to stay positive and I think that’s what the film is trying to say.

“The music makes us smile and the guy comes in as a mess but also makes us smile. She stops thinking about her problems and starts doing something for someone else. That’s what Christmas is about.”

Miracle On Canary Wharf

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