So not-so-Secret Cinema's doing Star Wars. And to complement that, it's got itself a secret nightclub "somewhere in London".

Anyone who buys a ticket for the shows, which run from June 4 until September, can visit the Cantina-themed venue any time.

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It's open Thursday-Sunday over the next six months with more than 100 live bands booked to play, including the Cantina band themselves.

There's a mint tea chill-out room, shady characters, at least one Jawa and a range of themed rooms to explore.

Access is via calling a mobile phone and using a secret code. Clubbers are also asked to take a number of props with them.

But why stop there? Dressing as a Wookie is probably the level you should pitch at.

Just make sure you go tooled up with cash as the bar is fairly pricey. But then where else can you drink with strange aliens from a Galaxy Far Far Away?

Tickets for the shows cost £78 and are available here although many dates have already sold out.