I still remember how I felt the first time I saw Moulin Rouge!- as a young, carefree backpacker in Australia.

It blazed across the screen like a falling star and imprinted itself on my memory forever.

I had been living the life bohemian for nine months and wanted to go one step further and climb inside the eccentric and heartbreaking world created by Baz Luhrmann.

So when I heard my dream could come true because Secret Cinema had named it their next project my heart definitely did a little skip.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how they tackle it- the film is basically a series of lavish vignettes, each its own perfect and complete moment.

But they took the immersive elements and life action much further then I imagined.

I found myself too enthralled with the action to bother investigating the various stalls and hidden elements that I had been told were there.

A slight shame seeing as one of their aims was to highlight the plight of refugees. I saw one poster in passing that refereed to it but was then swept along by the crowd.

And then came the film- screened earlier than some previous events.

Had I been a normal punter, rather than one of those lucky guest list visitors, I would have known that only the Children Of The Revolution had guaranteed seats.

I was down with the Creatures Of The Night, who scrabbled for the scattering of benches at the side of the impressive screening room with a rabid speed.

And so we were left to stand. And stand. And stand.

At first I was distracted enough by the intricate replication of the screen action but then I began to find it almost distract from the film I so loved, as if trying to usurp it as the star.

And so finally I succumbed and retreated to the seats in the bar.

Yes I may be a bohemian, happy to douse myself with glitter, perch on a wooden stool and spend my last £9 on one drink.

But no matter how strong my spirit of beauty, freedom and love it still isn’t hardy enough to carry me through over two hours of standing up.

Rather than blazing a trail, this fizzed out about two thirds of the way through and left me wanting to go home and just watch the real thing on the sofa.

Secret Cinema Presents Moulin Rouge! is on until Sunday, June 11 with tickets available from £49.

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