Six awards in seven months means success is sweet for a film director better known as “the chocolate shop lad” to those in Canary Wharf .

Sales assistant at Charbonnel et Walker Matthew Butler swapped truffles for touring this year as he released debut full-length flick Two Down at festivals across the globe.

First up for the thriller, released under the Fizz and Ginger Films name, was the Artemis Women in Action Film festival in Los Angeles, where Alex Hassell collected the Best Actor award.

Then came awards at shows in Amsterdam, Manchester, Chichester, Switzerland and another LA event.

The 35-year-old can now be found at his second job at the Cabot Place store before he hosts a screening and Q&A at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival on Tuesday, November 17.

“Lots of the customers know what I do but I go away and people say ‘what do you actually do?’”he said.

“They wonder what I do the rest of the time, but they have all got really excited about the film.

“Because it’s been at film festivals doing really well they’re surprised by me, a chocolate shop lad as a filmmaker.

“It’s the first time the film’s been shown this close to Canary Wharf – in Crystal Palace – so it will be interesting to see what people say.

“And because we have won varied awards from screenplay to Best Actor to Best Cinematography it means the film as a piece of art is strong in all areas, which is always what I wanted it to be.

“Obviously I’d like a Best Director award but I’ve been mentioned, which is nice.”

Two Down tells the story of a woman whose life is turned on its head when she is taken hostage in her own home by a delivery boy.

Filming began two years ago and the script was penned by Matthew a year before.

The dark tale has plenty of celebrity sparkle. Sir Derek Jacobi and Stephen Fry are executive producers while five scenes were shot in Ian McKellen’s Limehouse pub The Grapes .

The drinking spot is the backdrop for Game of Thrones actor Conleth Hill as his character Harry’s story flicks back to memories of his youth.

Matthew said: "To be getting awareness and recognition as a piece of film is amazing. And it’s huge every time we get nominated at a festival.

“Having Sir Derek and Stephen Fry makes a massive difference in getting people to watch it in the first place.

“It’s great because it’s low key, the more awareness it raises, it adds value.

“The film would be as good if we’d had unknown actors but this means people will watch the trailer, then the film is good enough to carry it on from there.”