Exit, the directorial debut of celebrated cinematographer Hsiang Chienn, will get its inaugural London screening in the East End on Sunday.

Featuring a central performance from Shiang-Chyi Chen (who won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Film Festival 2014 for the film), it tells the story of Ling (Chen), a typical Taiwanese woman in her forties has just lost her job in a garment factory.

She spends most of her time taking care of her hospital-bound mother-in-law.

Ignored by her absent husband and her rebellious teenage daughter, she is unexpectedly diagnosed with early-onset menopause after her periods stop.

Desperate to escape her mundane life, her dormant desires are rekindled in her interactions with a man with bandaged eyes in the hospital bed opposite her mother-in-law.

But will she break free of the prisons of tradition and escape the pressure of being trapped between two generations?

Tickets for the 11am showing cost £8.60 (concs available) and are available here.

For more information about the film go to exitfilm.co.uk.