If you ever want to escape the cynicism of real life, then I’d highly recommend you put the next MCM Comic Con date in your diary.

I can think of no other event at which the people are so unashamedly nice and utterly unreserved. Master A and I hit the convention at the weekend; it was our second time venturing into this wonderful world and it didn’t disappoint.

It’s an antidote to all that’s wrong in the world – and I needed one of those after the events of the day before.

I’d ordered Master A a new Batman costume and worked from home on Friday to ensure someone was there to sign for the delivery. At 7pm, I checked the status of the parcel online. It read: 18.29 driver attempted delivery. No-one at the address. Parcel back at depot.

No-one home! I was not best pleased. I scanned the website. A “live chat” option popped up.

For the next hour of my precious Friday night, I spent live chatting with “Michael”, who innocently opened up the typing dialogue with: “How can I be of help tonight, Tabitha?”

Firstly, by not referring to me as though we are old chums. Secondly, by delivering my parcel.

Michael: The driver will attempt to deliver the parcel again tomorrow between 9am and 7pm.

Me: I need it to be delivered by 10am.

Michael: I understand your frustration, Tabitha, but we cannot guarantee a time as it depends where your address is on the drivers’ route.

Me: It didn’t seem to matter where it was on the route today as the driver did exactly what he pleased.

Michael: I will make a note of your request. Is there anything else I can help you with this evening, Tabitha?

I could have resorted to bad language but I rose above it and simply typed in that he and his company were as a sincere and trustworthy as a “snake oil salesman”.

The costume arrived at 9am. Master A was strutting his Caped Crusader stuff, high fiving with the rest of his Cosplay contemporaries at 10.30am.

Working Mum, wishing it was Comic Con every day.