By Emily Medina Kennedy (aged 12)

You’re part of the HMS Adventure Crew on a dangerous but intriguing voyage to collect the museum artefacts. They need a brave bunch of quest-seekers - are you prepared to risk it all, to go “Against Captain’s Orders”?

You are seated in one of the five boats deep down in the basement of the National Maritime Museum, prepared for any danger that comes your way.

Two museum curators are preparing to give you a boring speech on four museum objects when you spot something mysterious.

One of the items, a bottle, has a note inside. They argue about opening it – one spots a chance for adventure and ignoring the “do not touch” sign, reaches out, touches the bottle... the artefacts are gone, the alarm screeches, we’re in deep trouble... the teams race through the doors collecting the objects. Will we find them all before it’s too late?

My brother held the clipboard to navigate us and I found a missing object so everyone joined in on the fun. However, the immersive show is not for everyone, as my five-year-old brother cried because he was scared. But, overall, Against Captain’s Orders is an unforgettable adventure that the whole family will enjoy!

By Lucas Medina Kennedy (aged 5)

There were two men doing the show. One man showed us a message in a bottle from the past.

He touched the bottle, a machine took the objects – drumsticks, a bottle, a telescope – and then everyone went around the museum to see if we could get them back to the boats.

My sister got some haunted drumsticks and we all had to run out of the room. There was a ghost trying to get us – that was just a joke. One man got trapped in the ropes and locked outside the door. A woman was testing us to see if we were brave.

My favourite bit was when I had to hold the clipboard for the man. I was excited because I was doing a job for him. I think kids should go and see this show. It was fun but a bit scary.

Against Captain’s Orders by Punchdrunk is at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich until August 31.