Ever wondered what the classic tale of Peter Pan would have looked like if it was set in modern London?

Wonder no more, as Greenwich Theatre has chosen that very re-imagination by Andrew Pollard as its 2016 pantomime.

The writer and director is hoping his version will be a hit with audiences and has even added a little taste of the Docklands to please the locals.

He said: “It’s a great story and I had a lot of great characters to play with and we thought we could do something different with it.

“So we decided to begin in modern London with the original Wendy’s great-great-granddaughter.”

Not willing to give too much away, Andrew revealed that the new Wendy was employed in Docklands and the family had fallen on hard times.

Rory Maguire as Peter Pan and Andrew Pollard as Long Joan Silver

He said: “I thought the audience would react better to a more modern girl. In the original story, Wendy became somewhat of a mother figure but it is not like that today.

“I was trying to put a few local references in there but not too many because you don’t want to exclude the people who aren’t local.

“But just using the area around here does provide a nice touch.”

He did say Hook was discovered to still be alive, the crocodile not as effective at killing its prey as we originally thought.

Andrew, who plays this year’s Dame Long Joan Silver, said: “I am nervous about it because it is a new story. Unlike many Christmas versions of Peter Pan, it is actually a panto. So we get to go off on a silly tangent.”

This year’s show marks the 12th pantomime the 49-year-old has been involved with at Greenwich Theatre, and he’s showing no signs of losing his enthusiasm for the festive tradition.

“Pantos are magical,” he said. “I love the tradition of it. It’s like an end-of-year party for us and it is great family entertainment - you see children laughing at the slapstick comedy and then adults getting the subtle references to current affairs.

“The panto does get maligned but there is a great feel to them and when it works there is nothing like it.

“Your aim is to make everyone become a kid and give them a good time. We can promise a mixture of comedy like slapstick and some adult gags as well.”

Peter Pan: A New Adventure runs from Friday, November 18 to Sunday, January 8, with tickets £29 for adults and half price for children.

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