Dogs large and small, fast and furious will converge on the Excel Centre in Docklands on Saturday and Sunday (October 17 and 18) for Discover Dogs.

But how will these four-legged foreigners match up to the native herd? With the help of the Kennel Club, The Woof has taken a look at east London's pooch profile.

Some of the old stalwart breeds of dog are making way for some new names when it comes to pet, according to figures from the Kennel Club.

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The change of profile in east London from houses to flats as well as the trend for “handbag dogs” is pushing down the size of the pooches being purchased.

While breeds such as the retriever remain popular other small dogs are snapping at their heels, including the chiahuahua and the pug. The traditional bulldog is being replaced by the “Frenchie” a cross between the bulldog from Blighty and the French “ratters”.


The most popular breeds in east London (2005-14), according to the Kennel Club are:

1. Staffordshire bull terrier (13%)

2. German shepherd (6%)

3. Retriever (5%)

4. French bulldog (4%)

5. Chihuahua (3%)


Over the last five years, the trends have changed and here are the biggest movers based on their percentage increase (2010-14).

1. French bulldog (662%)

2. Chihuahua (227%)

3. Bulldog (48%)

4. Cocker spaniel (42%)

5. Miniature dachshund (28%)


And what’s hot at the moment, taken from figures comparing the first half of last year and the first half of 2015.

1. Chihuahua 75%

2. Pug 60%

3. French bulldog (48%)

4. Whippet (20%)

5. Dogue de Bordeaux (16%)