Shadwell resident Tom Wrigglesworth will be performing at the East Wintergarden for the Canary Wharf Comedy Club on February 23.

■ You’re coming to Canary Wharf next week. Excited?

I don’t really know too much about the gig to be honest. Am I compering?

■ Not too sure about that. Anyway, have you been there before?

I have. I live in east London in Shadwell and Canary Wharf is a really nice part of London. Really impressive. I’ve watched the tennis on the big screen while sitting on the grass. It’s nice to pop down over the weekend but I won’t go there during the week.

■ You’re originally from Yorkshire aren’t you? When did you arrive in London?

In 1999. So years ago.

■ Is there a big east London comedian community? Do you all get together?

There are a couple of comedians I see around but there’s actually two big communities in Crouch End and Crystal Palace. I’m a bit jealous of them. So I’m starting my own enclave.

■ Do you get inspired from east London – from the hipsters and the old East Enders?

Definitely. Billingsgate Fish Market, in particular, is just mental. Such energetic surroundings to be involved in at 7am. Being shouted at by a real old Cockney. It’s very inspiring.

■ Did you go there for inspiration?

No I went there for fish. But I didn’t know you can only buy stuff in large quantities and I didn’t really want a box full of mackerel so I ended up buying a lobster. I went home, went back to bed and got woken up by my wife screaming because there was a lobster in the house.

We almost kept it as a pet in the bath as we couldn’t kill it. I nearly went back to Billingsgate to get food for it.

■ So, what did you do?

We looked on Google and found the most humane way to kill it is by putting it in the freezer and it then goes into a coma. So we were able to eat it in the end. It was absolutely delicious but very hard to balance that with the remorse.

■ And what’s this about you having a lookalike?

Yes, it’s a Green Bay Packers American footballer Aaron Rodgers. He’s my doppelganger. I did a YouTube video of going to meet him. I’m planning on doing gigs over there. I don’t want to be a lookalike but it’s always good to have something to get your foot in the door. We could both see the similarity.

He’s a smart, funny guy and he was interested to hear what I do. But try telling that to an American super star. I wasn’t at all starstruck but he’s on the level of David Beckham.

The Noise Next Door, Marlon Davis and Joel Dommett are among the acts joining Tom Wrigglesworth at the East Wintergarden on February 23 for the show which begins at 7.15pm. Tickets cost £12.

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