Comedy and cooking are not natural bedfellows, but you can’t tell that to George Egg.

After sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 and Leicester Comedy Festival 2016, it seems this East End native is really onto something with George Egg: Anarchist Cook

Through his 20 years in comedy the Charlton-born comedian has gravitated towards eccentric shows using plenty of props.

But after years touring and staying in numerous hotels he grew tired of room service and unhealthy fast food and decided to test his culinary skills instead.

He said: “I started experimenting with typical hotel room items like the kettle, trouser press and iron to create a few dishes and it worked.”

Popular:The East End born comedian has had sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 and Leicester Comedy Festival 2016 with George Egg: Anarchist Cook

Perhaps unsurprisingly he has had a few disasters too – especially something moules marinière.

He said: “I was there boiling up the mussels in the white wine within the kettle and had to hold the lid down to make sure it worked - not particularly safe you might say.

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“But it stank the whole place out. It was awful – there was this fish and burning smell.

“Over the course of the show I do three courses, interspersed with a stand-up routine.

Inventive: George Egg creates a three-course meal during his latest show George Egg: Anarchist Cook

“I think the general reaction from the audience is they go, ‘That was ridiculous, but brilliant’.

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“I want the audience to see the first course being made and say, ‘Yeah, that makes sense,’ but by the final one to be like, ‘Wow, that’s innovative’.

“I haven’t had any negative feedback from any of the shows, although Mail Online did a piece on me and the comments on the article were hilarious – there were people totalling up the costs of the ingredients and really getting serious about it.

Tasty: The audience get to taste George Egg's culinary hotel creations after the show

“I hope people don’t take it too seriously – it’s a comedy show after all. I want people to leave the performance not wanting to cook in hotel rooms of course, but thinking that maybe they can do something a bit more inventive.”

And if you’ve ever wondered what ‘hotel-item-cooked-food’ tastes like you can try out what George’s marvellous creations at the end of the show.

7.30pm, Friday, March 4, £10-£12, Canada Water Culture Space , Surrey Quays.