Friday July 1

In Mijn Hoofd (In My Head) by Beeldend Danstheater Telder: Neuroscience combines with art as dancers perform in, within and around a giant sculptural head. 1pm and 5.30pm, Westferry Circus

Nomadis by HumanHood: Two nomads meet and form an immediate bond. Their bodies sync in recognition as they react and respond. 2pm & 6.30pm, Canary Riverside

Phone Box by Corey Baker Dance: The red telephone box is an icon but with this performance you’ll see it in a whole new light. 1pm & 5.30pm, Jubilee Plaza

You and I Know by Candoco Dance Company: Choreographed by Arlene Phillips, this London premiere plays with and disrupts the traditional love duet. 1.30pm & 6pm, Jubilee Plaza

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Saturday, July 2

Act Of Strangers by Chloe Loftus Dance: This show reminds us of the simplicity of human contact. 3pm & 4.05pm, Cubitt Steps

H.O.H by Far From The Norm: Hip Hop theatre meets the beautiful game. 2.05pm & 4.10pm, Jubilee Plaza

In Mijn Hoofd (In My Head). 1.50pm & 3.35pm, Westferry Circus

Nomadis by HumanHood. 1.25pm & 4.15pm, Canary Riverside

Phone Box by Corey Baker Dance. 2.35pm & 4.40pm, Wren Landing

Slice by Wired Aerial Theatre: Dancers soar and swoop through the air slicing open the space between heaven and hell. 1.10pm, 2.10pm, 3.25pm & 4.45pm, Montgomery Square

Stuck by Up & Over It: Folk dance misfits, Up & Over It take a whimsical look at the ups and downs of sticking together. 1.30pm & 3.05pm, Jubilee Plaza

Asuelto by Hurycan: This new production explores life as an organism. Prepare to be swept up in the magical, beautiful, ugly and vibrantly alive stories of the human body. 1pm & 3.45pm, Jubilee Plaza

Without End by TheMiddletonCorpus: Against the background of the River Thames, three dancers explore the concept of time, asking the question, can anything last forever? 1pm & 3.45pm, Canary Riverside

You and I Know by Candoco Dance Company. 2.35pm & 4.40pm, Jubilee Plaza

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