Stockard Channing is a star of stage, film and TV best known for playing smart and sassy women from the wise-cracking Betty Rizzo in Grease to First Lady Abigail Bartlet in The West Wing . In a career that spans more than 50 years she’s won a number of awards including two Emmys and a Tony and has been nominated for an Oscar.

After an absence of more than 20 years, the 73-year-old actress returns to the West End stage in a new production of Alexi Kate Campbell’s Apologia , in which she plays a firebrand liberal matriarch, that will run at the Trafalgar Studios from July 29.

Despite her successes, we feel the New York-born actress has never truly reached the professional heights her talent warrants so it was with interest we cast the runes to find out more about the gorgeous Ms Channing.

Scratch The Surface

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Although she is best-known for playing glamorous women who are always carefully coiffured and beautifully made up, our guides say Stockard prefers to keep it au natural. She dares to bare a make-up free face and feels more at home in a pair of hiking boots than a vertiginous heel.

The Tarot shows she loves being an actress, but doesn’t particular enjoy the role of a star. Glad-handing, networking, ladies’ lunches, glitzy parties are not for her although, like a pro, when called upon, she plays her part.

This gorgeous gal is impulsive and spontaneous. She has a restlessness about her that often leaves her feeling incomplete. It’s as though she is looking for a missing piece of the puzzle. The Tarot suggests she doesn’t ever like to get too comfortable, because she’s frightened of standing still. Our Witch Twitch says although she seeks she will never find.

Animal Totem

Roe deer

Our guides show Stockard is at one with the Native American Totem Deer. With this magical spirit animal as her guide, the actress is able to bring gentleness and grace to all aspects of her life, even in the most challenging moments.

Drawing inspiration from the deer’s qualities, Stockard can achieve ambitious goals and tackle difficult situation smoothly. The deer horns empower her; she can be strongly determined and gentle at the same time.

Those with the deer as animal totem are filled with wanderlust, constantly on the move, seeking new horizons.

However, leaping with this spirit animal, Stockard may often be wary of newcomers; it takes time for her to trust someone or feel safe in their company. Our Witch Twitch says Stockard is advised to take some time by herself in a quiet environment or in nature whenever she feels overwhelmed or at odds with the world.

Love & Relationships

Stockard Channing as Rizzo in Grease

The Tarot suggests the Tony Award-winning actress is in love with the idea of being in love. She’s a born romantic who believes in love at first sight. If she blinks and misses it doesn’t overly concern her because, our guides say, she’s of the belief there’s always another encounter around the corner.

The crystals show the four-time married actress has no shortage of admirers. Like Betty Rizzo, the character in the film Grease who brought her world-wide fame, she’s a man’s woman, enjoying the company of the opposite sex just as easily as she does the sisterhood.

Our guides suggest the actress is like honey, mysterious and alluring. She frequently attracts and sparks up new friendships. However, she is loyal to the one she loves. Her long-term relationship with cinematographer Daniel Gillham is strong.

The Tarot suggests this union has depth and soul. There is space to breathe within it, no limits; an endless boundary in which to explore and expand. Our Witch Twitch advises Stockard to shake things up a little now and then, a little sparkle and sass never grows tired.

Crystal Ball

Stockard Channing

It’s going to be an interesting period for Stockard over the next few months. A connection with a furry friend is going to have particular meaning for the Broadway star. We’re seeing a jewelled collar, with the letter “M”.

Our guides advise that after a meeting about a new project the actress writes down everything that is promised. She should refer to her notes when it comes to signing contracts because something will be missing.

The Tarot suggests a watch will be the sign that something has run its course. We’re seeing an Argentinian Tango. This could mean the start of a new passion or a well-starred trip. Our Witch Twitch says the actress needs to step out of your comfort zone and dance like no-one is watching.

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