Superman, Chewbacca and Poison Ivy - these are just a few of the characters that will be wandering around at the MCM London Comic Con.

But despite the flamboyancy and the risque costumes, there are rules dictating what can and what can’t be worn at the Excel event.

Here are just some of the Cosplay dos and don’ts for the showcase from Friday, May 27-29.

1. Don’t bring any REAL weapons

This might seem painstakingly obvious (and grossly unfair of course) but MCM has felt the need to detail the dangerous weaponry that can’t be brought into the event, some of which probably go without saying.

These include: “actual” guns, rifles or artillery; real swords, axes and knives; and explosives....just in case you didn’t know (sorry warmongers).

2. Skimpy, but not too skimpy

Revealing costumes (for both men and women!) are permitted although “concessions to accuracy” are needed if it’s to the point of what MCM describe as “negligible coverage”.

Cosplayers are also encouraged to take “extra precautions” (ie wear underclothes) to avoid becoming exposed should something go amiss.

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Attendees pose as Konoha and Kido outside the MCM Comic Con at the Excel Centre in 2014.

3. Fetish costumes need to be checked

Planning on going in some extreme BDSM gear? Well, you will need to be checked for suitability as this is a family event after all. Do this by emailing a detailed (but not too detailed) description to

Nudity is not permitted and nor are prosthetic genitalia. These guys are just no fun!

4. Big bulky costumes

For those looking to go all out with the hard and heavy materials, I’m looking at you Optimus Prime, cybermen and Sir Gregor Clegane, you must take a guide with you, presumably to prevent you from knocking over Harley Quinn (she wont be happy).

5. Go overboard and have fun

At the end of the day, authenticity and realism is key. You don’t want to be the one looking half-hearted, with a cardboard sword and shield next to a supreme portrayal of Iron Man or Daenerys Targaryen, or indeed one of her dragons.

For more detail on the rules of what you can and can't bring and wear, there’s a comprehensive list here.

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