Romanticism reigns throughout Alexander McQueen’s designs.

It’s an emotion packed in the plump, extravagant feathers of the black swan gown, leather and metal-studded nods to Victorian Gothicism and in the striking ruby red capes of fairytale The Girl Who Lived in The Tree.

You’ll leave this showcase wishing you were the Girl (or boy) who lived in the V&A. Or, at least, someone who’d secured a lock-in ready to embark on round two.

This tribute to one of fashion’s fallen heroes is a whole-heartedly immersive experience. You’ll fall in love from the first, emotional steps into Savage Mind.

Big screens pump out McQueen soundbites and grey walls display poignant quotes.

Mannequins donning the Londoner’s signature Bumster and S Bend trousers kick off 10 rooms of wonder.

The perfectly chic tailoring is alluring, revealing McQueen’s prowess in tailoring honed during a stint on Savile Row as well as an understanding of the female form.

Patriotism combines with the geometrics of perfectly aligned tartan for Widow’s of Culloden range before you’re thrown full-throttle into The Cabinet of Curiosities.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Installation view of Cabinet of Curioities gallery Credit Victoria and Albert museum

Prepare for an Alice in Wonderland-style scenario - complete with spinning female form in a spray print frock.

Walls are stacked high with cupboards of various shapes and sizes containing everything from embroidered silk chopine shoes, Swarovski crystal boots and digital leopard designs printed on satin.

Pepper’s Ghost, featuring supermodel Kate Moss, makes for an ethereal finish.

His creative brain was shot through with romance and desire to use fashion as a transformational medium.

Charcoal text, depicting a quote from McQueen, reads: “I want to be the purveyor of a certain silhouette or way of cutting so that when I’m dead and gone people will know that the 21st century was started by Alexander McQueen.”

He’d firmly met his own demand upon his early death in 2010.

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