Red Riding Hood will arrive at Greenwich Theatre for panto season.

The cloaked heroine will be joined by a wolf and pantomime favourite Andrew Pollard, who will take on the role of Dame Granny.

He has been penning at starring in festive productions at the Crooms Hill venue for the past decade and said this year’s offering has a political twist.

Expect a story centred on a base in the woods come theatre run by Granny.

And Count Fracula is threatening to flatten the theatre all in the name of fracking.

Andrew said: “I chose Red Riding Hood because it’s not done very often. It used to be quite a lot, but it’s fallen out of favour.

“Most places do the same four or five pantos on loop, but because we have such a loyal audience it affords me quite a simple scope and let’s me go off on silly tangents, yet it’s still a story that everybody knows.”

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf; various times, Friday, November 20, to Sunday, January 10, £19-£29, Greenwich Theatre

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