Silicone rubber is the latest arm candy of choice for Gabriella Ingram.

This month, Wharfers can get a glimpse of her world of quirky handbag creations through the latest window exhibition in Canada Place.

Behind the glass they’ll find the intricate undersea designs of Reef alongside the strikingly brash X Bag, as well as the shell-studded Claw.

“I’ve always been interested in the Cabinets of Curiosities and this collection contains octopus and seahorses,” said Gabriella, 43.

“I always do different ways of bags opening too – there’s one with a magnet embossed in rubber.

“People are really interested in the bags – they’re curious.”

Her creations, all made in Berlin, are formed in moulds after imagery has been generated in 3D on a computer.

The theatre costume designer embarked on her new creative route four years ago.

“I thought it would be nice to do something different and I thought of moving into doing handbags,” she said.

“I couldn’t compete with the traditional leather bags, there are a million out there, so I moved into doing bags with different materials.

“The first one I did was made from Perspex and I moved into using moulds.

“For the next stage I worked with someone who makes traditional handbags for people like Lulu Guinness and that was useful, as I needed to combine that with the moulds and the etching.

“It has been a learning process – and people have been really good at helping with that. It’s always exciting.”

■ Window Galleries: Gabriella Ingram, Jubilee Walk, Canada Place.