The power of the sea to shape our lives will be explored in Nautical Perspectives.

Examine artworks inspired by maritime themes in the thriving waterside community of St Katharine Docks.

They include pieces created by Lizzie Cannon using River Thames rubbish that explore the transitory state of objects.

Jez Giddings will show work that combines photographs and paint to chronicles personal experiences of swimming and diving in the Ionian and Aegean seas and Poppy Clover’s piece You Might Need Me explores the history of the harbour town of Porthleven in Cornwall and a shipwreck that took place there.

Nautical Perspectives, Jez Giddings, What Happened in the Sea That Night
Nautical Perspectives, Lizzie Cannon, Corrosion study with beads

The contemporary exhibition at Devon House has been created in partnership with collective Plastic Propaganda and features painting and sculpture. It seeks to explore our island nation’s intrinsic link to the sea and the way it influences our lives - whether through travel, food, danger or protection.

11am to 6pm, May 1-15, Devon House, St Katharine Docks.