The Pixies and art director Vaughan Oliver have worked together for a number of years now.

But the relationship between the band and the designer would never have materialised if Vaughan had gone with his initial instincts.

While working for independent UK label 4AD, he received a purple demo tape from The Pixies and he was not impressed.

He said: “If it was up to me I never would’ve signed them to 4AD.

“But seeing them live just blew away preconceptions I had from the tape.

“I was struck immediately by the energy and ideas coming out of a very deadpan presentation.”

Alternative: American band The Pixies

A long-standing relationship was formed that day that saw them work together from Come On Pilgrim to Indie Cindy and beyond.

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Vaughan’s art direction was combined with the band’s sound resulting in a surreal body of work celebrated in exhibition Where Is My Mind? The Work Of Vaughan Oliver And The Pixies.

On show at the University Of Greenwich, it is split into two parts.

Music: Debut mini-LP release Come On Pilgrim

The first, located in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, is a retrospective of the artwork emanating from the Pixies’ six studio albums, associated releases and rarities.

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The second, in Project Space, is a collaborative installation between Vaughan and Nic Clear, head of architecture and landscape at the university.

It is based on the Pixies’ Minotaur limited edition box set and incorporates a range of text, images, video and objects organised as a series of layered spaces with the aim of creating a labyrinthine environment.

Vaughan said: “What I would really like to come out of the show is I want to inspire people looking round.

“I hope it is educational and inspirational. The number of people that have written to me and said ‘I’m a graphic designer because of that doodle you did’.

“That’s better than having a house in Miami. That I’ve inspired somebody, that’s what an exhibition should do, too.”

Various times, Friday, February 26 to Friday, April 8, (closed Friday, March 25 to Monday, March 28), free, University Of Greenwich.