If getting incarcerated in a puzzle is your idea of a good time you ought to be looking to Royal Docks. Locked In A Room has set itself up adjacent to CentreEd at Excel .

It offers those smart and brave enough to get banged up with family members, work colleagues (or anyone really) the chance to demonstrate their ability to solve problems, think laterally, follow clues and affect an escape within 60 minutes; all with the gentle threat of incineration pending.

Without giving too much away, my recent trial run saw me locked away with two men I’d never met.

Reader, I escaped, but will you? And more to the point will you enjoy trying?

I found the steam punk-themed experience well paced.

Rated three out of five for difficulty the Timelock game we played was testing with a decent quantity of red herrings to make our deductions feel like real achievements.

Items were located, combinations clicked into place and slowly we progressed with keys to the four locks on our prison appearing at reasonable intervals.

Who knew the click of a combination lock opening could deliver such satisfaction?

While you could go in small numbers (teams in the 13 rooms must be between three and six people) the experience is geared towards collaboration with the aim of beating those in other rooms.

Busting out with 10 minutes to spare delivered both a sense of smugness and satisfaction and clearly illustrated the attraction’s viability for team building and the likes of stag and hen parties.

Fun and not too taxing. Better still if gives the conference and exhibition centre just that little bit more heart.

Tickets for Locked In A Room cost £30 each. It is closed on Bank Holidays over the festive period.

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