Deptford-based artist Katharine Morling has brought to life the most everyday of objects in a new exhibition in One Canada Square.

Drawing on Life: Sculptural Ceramics was created through Katharine's own life stories and experiences using a mixture of porcelain and clay.

She said: "Everyone has a story for each piece. Everything I've made is completely personal. I find it difficult to work to other people's briefs so my pieces are about myself and my life."

When the former Royal College of Art student was asked about exhibiting in the space, she was keen to do so as her former teacher - Felicity Aylieff - had exhibited with her Out Of China collection in 2007.

Katharine said: "The interest in the exhibition has been great so far. Even as we were installing the pieces people were asking about them - it's been really nice."

They are for sale (the chainsaw and garden verge have sold), but Katharine is hoping the elephant - with a price tag of £5,000 - will be snapped up by Canary Wharf Group to use as a marker for anyone meeting in the area.

She said: "My work can be described as three-dimensional drawings, in the medium of ceramics. Each piece, on the surface, an inanimate object, has been given layers of emotion and embedded with stories, which are open for interpretation in the viewer's mind.

"For example, in garden verge, there's two children playing and there is a sense of childhood innocence, but also danger."

"I work very instinctively, one piece leads to the next, I try not to pin down what I am doing or even why."

Curator Ann Elliott said: "In this exhibition our aim is to show some of this range and also to demonstrate he, her sense of how strange things can be, and how obsessive human activity sometimes is."

Until March 20, One Canada Square, .