The man tasked with translating the world of Roald Dahl’s The Twits into three dimensions is Samuel Wyer.

Dinner At The Twits – an immersive adult theatre experience inspired by the classic – is set to start its run at The Vaults in Waterloo on Sunday, September 4.

The Deptford-based designer is an associate member of theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, one of several organisations involved in the show, and has the job of realising the images in Dahl’s imagination.

Dinner At The Twits: Samuel Wyer's design sketches

Samuel said: “The Twits begins with this series of spiteful vignettes describing all the horrible things the characters do to each other.

“Then even Dahl himself says: ‘Enough of all this, lets get on with the story’.

“It is about half the book before we even get into the story.

“We are hoping by making the show an immersive and multi-sensory experience and having an exploratory element to the performance that it will be a winning experience, like you get when you read a book.

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“When you do that, you add your own moment in your head and that is what we are hoping for.”

Dinner At The Twits: Sam Wyer

The premise behind the show is that 80 people have been invited to a dinner at the odious couple’s ghastly home so they can renew their wedding vows.

But don’t worry Dahl’s disgusting couple have not been transformed into lovebirds.

Samuel, who previously worked on Alice’s Adventures Underground at The Vaults said: “It becomes apparent that perhaps their love for each other isn’t really the central reason why the audience has been invited.”

Dinner At The Twits: Samuel Wyer's design sketches

The 33-year-old, said ticket holders would find themselves surrounded by fairylight-adorned barbed wire, confronted by the Roly Poly Bird and offered the chance to delve into a compost heap to find treats.

Food and drink at the event will be produced by Bermondsey-based refreshment specialist Bompas And Parr.

Dinner At The Twits: Samuel Wyer's design sketches

Samuel said: “We wanted to delight but also repulse. Trying to capture that in the design has been a challenging balance.”

On the decision to make the show for adults he said: “It just tweaks that edge so it crosses over.

“The Twits’ end in the book is very grotesque and would equally suit one of Dahl’s adult books.

“So we really wanted to invest ourselves in that and make it a bit more grown-up but still reward those going with the way they felt when they read that story as children.”

Dinner At The Twits , Sunday, September 4-October 30, from £76.50, The Vaults, Waterloo