As Contemporary Mexican Sculpture: The Vision of Four Artists arrives in Canary Wharf we find out more about these additions to One Canada Square’s lobby.

One of the contributors Jorge Yazpik explained his approach to his work and art through a translator. He is, he says, “on a continuous quest with this material”.

How do you come up with your sculptures? What is you main source of inspiration and where do you start?

The stone itself has its own unique characteristics which I take advantage of to make a shape. This is how I start. The shape of the rock itself produces my sculptures.

Paloma Torres' Building Rain

What do you feel are the positives of having your pieces displayed in Canary Wharf?

It is always a gratifying experience to exhibit anywhere because it is new. That is why I always like to be present in placing my pieces. Pieces respond to their environment – the sculptures will have a natural response.

And what do you think the people of Canary Wharf will get from the pieces?

I think that is a question for the people of Canary Wharf.

What is next for you and your work?

Next comes from the past. I am always experimenting, investigating, and working.

Do you feel this exhibition will enhance people’s view of Mexico?

This is something which has nothing to do with me – art is art.

Jorge’s pieces feature alongside works from Yvonne Domenge, Paloma Torres and Rivelino until Friday, September 11. There are also outdoor works in Canary Wharf and parts of London.