Look out for an 18ft high alien, a flutter of butterflies and a digital waterfall around Canary Wharf.

The displays are all part of the Winter Lights Festival 2016 , which features 18 works created by UK and international artists.

Canary Wharf Group curator Keith Watson said: “This rich, diverse exhibition of light demonstrates some of the most creative light installations and technology from around the world.

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“Many of the works are interactive, creating enchanting experiences that will appeal to art lovers, families, or simply people looking for something interesting and free to do after work.”

Daan Roosegaarde's Liquid Space

A number of the pieces explore communication in the modern world.

Julius Popp’s creation bit.fall, which has been shown in Canary Wharf before, taps into live news feeds and projects them onto a waterfall.

Similarly, Bitone’s interactive light sculpture Totem responds to the presence of mobile phone signals in the air around it. The stronger and more numerous the phone signals, the brighter and more vivid the sculpture appears.

Jen Lewin's Pool Stills 1009

Its creator Raoul Simpson said: “By capturing and representing these signals through light and sound, Totem becomes an interactive conversation between viewers about the technology that underpins our societies.

“The piece reacts to both passive and active participants, in other words, those who create or cancel a call in order to interact or those who discover the signals they emit without their knowledge.”

Other installations are also interactive, like Jen Lewin’s The Pool, which consists of 106 individual touch-sensitive pods installed on the ground. People can walk or jump on these to see them light up.

One of the most topical pieces is my light is your light by Palestinian artist Alaa Minawi. The work was created as an act of solidarity with Syrian refugees.

my light is your light by Alaa Minawi

Its creator said: “My light is your light is a tribute to the Syrian refugees who have been going through extremely painful humanitarian conditions.

“It is also a tribute to every refugee in general, who transforms into a radiating outline of a human once forced from home. The six figures represent a family made up of a father, a mother, a grandfather, an aunt and two children.

“A family that has been walking for years, and it seems as though the youngest of all has found something interesting. It is an installation that reflects both harshness and aspects of hope.”

After dark, Monday, January 11-22, free, Canary Wharf

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