For a start you’d be broke. How many times do people stop you in the street and ask for the 20p they need for their ticket home or for a telephone call?

Just one day in London would have emptied out your pockets.

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What I wonder, and I’m not insinuating that it’s a bit of a con aimed at tourists or anything, would happen if you did give someone 20p to make a phone call?

Where are they going to make this phone call, because phone boxes are scarce nowadays.

And, if you do see one, it’s often been liberated of its handset, and only has an empty cord dangling down like a sad tail.

Better off emptying your pockets and giving it to the nearest Big Issue seller, or homeless person. That must be saying yes to good karma.

I like to think I have a grasp of the word no, that I’m measured in my responses and that I weigh up the positives and negatives of each situation, but it’s phooey.

I can spend all day saying I have to work that evening or rise early the next day, so I’m not going out, but the moment someone says “do you want to come to the pub?” I cave. I say yes. Yes takes you places.

Yes gets you tipsy. Yes is funny. I understand the power of the word yes.

Which is how I ended up writing a play. Did I want to write a play? Yes. Should you say yes to coming and seeing it? You know the answer already.

Angela’s debut play, the cynically comic drama The Legacy, is on at The Hope Theatre, Islington, from June 8-13.

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