As part of Canary Wharf’s Window Gallery programme one artist is exploring the notion of what makes a painting.

Speaking to The Wharf , Iori Endo said: “My current investigation is to go beyond the physical limitation of canvas and challenge the boundaries of the traditional understanding of what paintings may be.

“My inspiration often comes from the way nature operates – organic and biomorphic quality in its natural mark-making behaviour. Shapes, patterns and repetition that nature creates, incidental marks in the environment draw my attention.

Piece by Iori Endo

“Similar to the way the natural force creates its form, I aim to handle materials by taking advantage of the way they react, interact, merge and affect each other. The tension between chaos and order, control and chance, are integral part of my work.”

Iori’s work will be on show in Canada Walk until April 3.

The Window Gallery programme will run in Jubilee Walk and Canada Walk until May 29, with the next art piece, City Skies London, on show from April 6 by Sarah Kudirka.