Brad Friedel has announced that he'll be hanging up his gloves at the end of the season, bringing his 21 year career to an end.

By the time the final whistle blows on May 24, the American goalkeeper will be 44 years old.

Should he manage to make his first appearance of the season before then, he will become the oldest player to have played in the Premier League.

However, there have been two older players on the books of Premier League clubs who didn't make it out onto the field of play.

Peter Shilton was in West Ham's squad for the 1995-96 season but never featured for the club.

By the time the curtain closed on that campaign the England legend was 46 years old.

Dave Beasant, who was recently named on the bench for Stevenage at the ripe old age of 56, was in Fulham's squad for the 2003-04 season.

Though he didn't make an appearance for the Cottagers he was 45 by the close of the campaign.

After Friedel, the next oldest player to have played in the Premier League is John Burridge, who kept goal for Manchester City up to the 1994-95 season, by the end of which he was 43 years young.

Alec Chamberlain made one appearance in goal for Watford in the 2006-07 season at the age of 42.

That's the same age as Mark Schwarzer is now, though he is still going strong as the Leicester City backup goalkeeper.

Coventry City's legendary goalkeeper Steve Ogrizovic made his last appearances for the club in the 1999-00 campaign, one which saw him celebrate his 42nd birthday.

Oldest Premier League players

Shilton: 46

Beasant: 45

Friedel: 44

Burridge: 43

Schwarzer: 42

Chamberlain: 42

Ogrizovic: 42