Anyone who remembers the Arsenal of the early 90s may find it ironic to hear Gunners fans chanting “boring, boring Chelsea”.

Chelsea supporters might even find it puzzling, seeing as Chelsea are one of the Premier League’s most attacking sides.

Jose Mourinho’s team have had a total of 492 shots on goal in the Premier League so far this season, an average of 14.9 per game, the fourth best ratio in the division.

Arsenal and Liverpool have averaged 0.5 shots per game more than Chelsea (15.4), which equates to an additional 19 shots in total over the course of an entire 38 game season.

Manchester City have produced the most shots in the league this season, 595 in total, at a rate of 17.5 per game.

On that measure alone Sunderland would be considered the most boring side in the league, with an average of just 10.6 shots per game.

That’s followed by Aston Villa (10.8 per game), Hull (11), West Brom (also 11) and Swansea (11.3). West Ham are firmly mid-table, in 10th with 12.8.

However, when it comes to how quickly teams turn possession into shots, things look a little different.

Chelsea have averaged 55% possession in the league this season, and have gone an average of 3.3 minutes with the ball for every shot on goal, the ninth shortest time in the league.

By contrast, QPR go an average of just 2.8 minutes with the ball per shot, the league’s shortest time.

In fact, QPR have the fifth best record in the league in terms of the number of shots, 489 (14.4 per game), just behind Chelsea.

Manchester United and Swansea have a shot once for every 4.1 minutes on the ball, longer than any other side.

That’s followed by Everton (4.0 minutes per shot) and jointly Aston Villa and Sunderland (3.9 minutes).

Chelsea have one of the best records in the league for winning margins.

They have an average winning margin of 1.8 goals in games where they come out victorious - the joint fourth best in the league.

Manchester City’s winning margin is the largest on average at 2.2 goals.

That’s followed by Southampton (2.1) and Arsenal (2.0), with Everton and Manchester United joining Chelsea on 1.8).

Burnley win by an average of just one goal, the lowest margin in the league.

They’re followed by Stoke (1.2 goals), Leicester (1.3), Newcastle (1.3) and jointly Swansea, Aston Villa, and Tottenham (1.4).

Shots per game

Manchester City: 17.5

Arsenal: 15.4

Liverpool: 15.4

Chelsea: 14.9

Queens Park Rangers: 14.4

Tottenham Hotspur: 13.9

Southampton: 13.4

Manchester United: 13.4

Stoke City: 13.2

West Ham United: 12.8

Everton: 12.4

Newcastle United: 11.8

Leicester City: 11.7

Burnley: 11.6

Crystal Palace: 11.5

Swansea City: 11.3

West Bromwich Albion: 11.0

Hull City: 11.0

Aston Villa: 10.8

Sunderland: 10.6