Charlton have had one of the best value for money season tickets in the Championship this season.

Holders of the cheapest season tickets at the Valley have paid an average of just £4.69 per Addicks goal and £16.67 per home win.

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Only Watford fans have paid less in either category at £3.44 per goal and £11.79 per win.

It’s been a rather middle-of-the-road season for Charlton, with the side ranking 14th in the league in terms of home goals scored (32 in total) and 12th in terms of home wins (nine in total).

However, at £150, Charlton offered the cheapest season tickets in the Championship this season according to the BBC’s Price of Football Survey.

Watford have offered the best value season ticket in the league in terms of goals and wins.

The least expensive season tickets at Vicarage Road set fans back £165 each, which is the second cheapest in the league.

The Hornets have scored 48 goals at home, the second highest number in the division, and won 14 games, the third highest number in the division.

That means that holders of the cheapest season tickets paid just £3.44 per home goal, less than any other side in the league and £11.79 per home win, less than any other side in the division.

When it comes to pounds per goal, Sheffield Wednesday have had the worst value for money season ticket in the league.

The cheapest season tickets at Hillsborough set fans back £360 each.

With the Owls scoring just 16 home goals this season that works out at £22.50 per goal.

Wednesday are followed by Leeds, whose holders of the club’s cheapest season tickets paid an average of £20.23 per home goal at Elland Road.

Norwich and Bournemouth were the top two goal scoring sides in the Championship this season with 50 and 48 goals respectively.

However, they also had the two most highly priced of the cheapest season tickets at £499.50 and £480.

Team: £ per home goal

Watford: 3.44

Charlton: 4.69

Derby: 5.94

Blackburn: 6.73

Huddersfield: 7.32

Brentford: 7.46

Wolves: 7.62

Birmingham: 7.93

Fulham: 8.31

Bolton: 8.69

Ipswich: 9.98

Norwich: 9.99

Bournemouth: 10.00

Middlesbrough: 10.24

Nott Forest: 10.51

Cardiff: 10.61

Blackpool: 10.85

Millwall: 13.32

Rotherham: 14.52

Wigan: 15.56

Reading: 15.63

Brighton: 17.88

Leeds: 20.23

Sheff Weds: 22.50


Team: £ per home win

Watford: 11.79

Charlton: 16.67

Blackburn: 22.64

Birmingham: 23.00

Derby: 23.75

Wolves: 24.62

Ipswich: 26.60

Brentford: 28.58

Middlesbrough: 28.67

Huddersfield: 31.13

Cardiff: 32.90

Fulham: 33.22

Bolton: 33.78

Bournemouth: 36.92

Norwich: 41.63

Nott Forest: 43.22

Reading: 46.88

Blackpool: 48.83

Leeds: 55.63

Rotherham: 56.25

Millwall: 66.60

Sheff Weds: 72.00

Brighton: 77.50

Wigan: 93.33