West Ham are riding high in the football banning order league of shame. Hammers fans are the subject of 44 football banning orders according to new Home Office figures released this week.

That’s the joint ninth highest total in the top five divisions of English football.

Millwall continue to dominate the leagues of shame, with the highest number of total banning orders outside the Premier League and the second highest number of arrests, with Birmingham City top.

While Newcastle have issued the most banning orders with 124 followed by Chelsea, then Millwall with 57, only six of West Ham’s 44 total banning orders were issued last season.

Figures from this season, not yet released by the Home Office, don’t reflect trouble at the London Stadium where violence has flared and the club has used banning orders to get rid of fans they no longer want to be associated with the club.

At the height of the crisis, it was suggested hundreds would be banned in a bid to quell the clashes on the terraces.

Even Charlton makes the top 10 for recent surge in banning orders that reflects the growing disquiet at The Valley over the ownership of Roland Duchatelet which has prompted a number of disruptions.

Overall though, the number of active banning orders is on the decline.

A total of 2,085 were in force on August 1 - the latest date for which figures are available.

That’s a decrease of 96 (4%) from the number on September 8 2015, which is when the last set of figures were released.

There were a total of 2,070 football related arrests last season, up by 22 from the season before.

West Ham fans were the subject of 46 of those arrests, the 11th highest total in England and Wales,

The majority of those, 26 in total, were for public disorder offences.

Six were for alcohol offences, another six were for pitch incursions, three for violent disorder, two for breaching banning orders, two for possession of pyrotechnics, and one for racist and indecent chanting.

Total banning orders

Newcastle United: 124

Chelsea: 60

Millwall: 57

Wolverhampton Wanderers: 52

Liverpool: 49

Burnley: 48

Bristol Rovers: 47

Leeds United: 47

Cardiff City: 44

West Ham United: 44

Banning orders, July 31, 2015, to August 1, 2016

Plymouth Argyle: 21

Wolverhampton Wanderers: 21

Millwall: 16

Nottingham Forest: 15

Peterborough United: 15

Derby County: 14

Sunderland: 14

Barnsley: 13

Birmingham City: 13

Charlton Athletic: 12

Arrests, July 31, 2015, to August 1, 2016

Birmingham City: 74

Millwall: 69

Leeds United: 68

Manchester City: 66

Arsenal: 60

Manchester United: 57

Newcastle United: 52

Sunderland: 51

Aston Villa: 49

Sheffield Wednesday: 48

West Ham United: 46

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