It is testament to the turbulent and cut-throat nature of the Premier League that West Ham Slaven Bilic – a relative newcomer – is the ninth longest serving manager.

The Croatian has clocked up an impressive 431 days in charge at the east London club which makes him a grizzled veteran in PL terms.

Only half of the managers in the Premier League will have been in their jobs for at least a year by the time the season kicks off.

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Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manager in the division.

The Frenchman took charge of Arsenal on October 1, 1996 and will have been in the Gunners hotseat for 7,256 days by the time the 2016-17 season starts on August 13.

The Premier League’s other managers will have only been in their jobs for a combined 8,624 days by that date.

In fact, if you take out the manager with the next longest reign after Wenger then the remaining bosses will have only spent 7,223 days in their posts, 23 fewer than Wenger. That figure will change slightly though when Hull appoint a new manager.

The average manager in the division will have been there for 836 days, or 2.2 years, by the start of the season. If you don’t take Wenger into account that drops to just 479 days, or 1.3 years.

Eddie Howe has the next longest reign of any manager after Wenger.

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The Bournemouth boss will have been in charge for 1,401 days when the season starts.

Sean Dyche has the next longest reign at 1,383 days followed by Mark Hughes (1,171 days) and Aitor Karanka (1,004 days).

As many as 10 of the division’s bosses though will have be in charge for fewer than 365 days.

Jürgen Klopp will only have been at Liverpool for 310 days. Swansea’s Francesco Guidolin will have managed Swansea for 208 days while Jose Mourinho will have been the United boss for 78 days.

Name: Days in charge by August 13, 2016

  1. Arsène Wenger: 7,256
  2. Eddie Howe: 1,401
  3. Sean Dyche: 1,383
  4. Mark Hughes: 1,171
  5. Aitor Karanka: 1,004
  6. Mauricio Pochettino: 809
  7. Tony Pulis: 590
  8. Alan Pardew: 588
  9. Slaven Bilić: 431
  10. Claudio Ranieri: 397
  11. Jürgen Klopp: 310
  12. Francesco Guidolin: 208
  13. José Mourinho: 78
  14. Ronald Koeman: 60
  15. Claude Puel: 44
  16. Pep Guardiola: 43
  17. Walter Mazzarri: 43
  18. Antonio Conte: 43
  19. David Moyes: 21