West Ham will release their new away kit on Wednesday, July 15, and we’ve taken a look at some of the weird and wonderful second strips to grace the kit man’s closet over the years.

1. 1980-1983

The older irons among you will remember the halcyon days of Alan Devonshire’s mercurial ball skills (when he wasn’t injured), and Billy Bonds’ influential leadership that won the Hammers the second division and got them to a League Cup Final .

This early Adidas effort reflects the classic, simple style, perfect for anyone who believed in the West Ham Way.

2. 1987-1989

Despite Paul Ince kicking opponents for his own amusement, and Tony Cottee scoring hundreds of goals a season (despite never leaving the opposition’s six-yard box ), this was an era of struggle for the Hammers.

A classic, sought-after replica from sportswear brand Scoreline (no, me neither) will set you back around £100. Blimey!

3. 1990-1991

A kit worn regularly by the likes of “Mad Dog” Martin Allen, usually flying into an ill-timed two-footed challenge. This was a kit in which the Hammers achieved another promotion, this time coming runners-up in the second division. The sponsor tastefully adorning the front of the kit is Essex-based BAC windows – keen to remind us they are (or were) The window people. It is manufactured by Bukta - a northwestern sportswear brand founded back in 1885.

4. 1995-1997

Harry Redknapp was determined to reinstill the “West Ham Way” into the club, and what better way to do that than with a luminous blue shirt?

The kit, manufactured by Pony, was from the days when the footballing gods inexplicably decided that every single shirt had to be shiny and huge. However, some of the gritty east-end roots made their way through, with the incredibly hard-sounding sponsor “Dagenham Motors” splashed over the front of the shirt. John Moncur wore it with pride.

5. 2002-2003

Di Canio? Check. Kanoute? Check. Sinclair, Carrick and Defoe? How did West Ham never win the league with this team? (We’ll overlook Thomas “Red Card” Repka). Drinkers of diet Dr Pepper may be more familiar with this design than young Hammers fans, but the cult strip can still be spotted by the eagle-eyed fashionistas in the Upton Park crowd. It’s also probably the most stylish kit ever worn by former Millwall manager Steve Lomas.

All pictures are courtesy of classicfootballshirts.co.uk , where you can purchase all of the above strips.